Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inside Adobe Flash CS 5.5?

"The new features in Flash Professional CS5 should bring smiles to the faces of both designers and developers. Two big improvements in the way Flash handles video are the ability to preview an imported video on the Stage and adjust its parameters on the fly."
"Personally, I already have a project on the burner that the new tools and features in Flash CS5 will shorten development time and more than pay for the price of the upgrade from CS4."
Cyndy Cashman, Layers Magazine, 
April 23, 2010

Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5.5 software is the industry-leading authoring environment for producing expressive interactive content. Create immersive experiences that present consistently to audiences across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions.

What's new in Flash Professional
  • Efficient workflows for mobile development
  • Content scaling when resizing stage
  • Enhanced layer control 
  • Symbol rasterization and better performance
As a core component of the Adobe Flash Platform, Adobe Flash Player allows you to make your web content contextually relevant and reach more users across a wide spectrum of Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, TVs, and PCs. New device-ready features take advantage of native device capabilities that include support for touch, gestures, input models, accelerometer, browser, and additional purpose-built hardware to bring unprecedented creative control and expressiveness to the device browsing experience.

Key benefits :
Extend your rich, immersive content and experiences consistently to mobile devices—smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks, tablets.

Improved productivity and faster time to market—the same authoring tools, a single code base and the ability to reuse assets makes optimization easy and simple.

Enable your customers the freedom to experience your web application, video, game or interactive web media content on their choice of device, operating system or browser.

Continue your leadership as an innovation leader by having your site automatically work on mobile and tablet devices with Flash Player.

Develop Android application with Adobe Flash CS 5.5

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