Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free must have Medicine Reminder App for iPhone

Do you forget taking medications for yourself or reminding your family? 

Now we Health5C have solutions for this.

Last night suddenly i got a message on my phone saying congratulation our iPhone application in now in app store now. Our iPhone app is in appstore now and there's more to come to make ur lives easier and healthier!!  Medi Reminder allows you to schedule your intake of medication as prescribed by your Physician.

YES  Medicine Reminder app by Health5C  is 100% Free!!
"Medi Reminder" App allows you to manage not only your medications but also your family schedules with easy-to-use features:
  • Set medication reminders for multiple people (including your pets!).
  • Maintain a Medi-Kit - Medi Kit allows you to keep a list of all medicines with their stock. Take a snapshot of the medications, for easy identification.
  • You can manage a profile for each individual.
  • Automatically track stock, each time you take a medication.
  • Snooze your reminder if you are busy, to take your medications later.

So, this time we won't let you miss your medication with Medi Reminder!


Anonymous said...

This app is really nice and snooze and refill features are really very nice...

bhashkar_suainlogistic said...

Thanks for this sharing..........

Ayisha said...

Your site is very good.

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