Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why inkscape is not running fine with mac snow leopard?

Inkscape is very powerful and can do some amazing things. It's got too many features in some ways for my needs, I like it very much. This is my one of the favorite vector editing software.

I downloaded inkscape for snow leopard. When I run the app I get a menu that has nothing but one item: Inkscape, and it has no other options. No screen opens up, no other menu items pertaining to drawing appear. If I click the app where it sits on the app bar running along the bottom of my screen, everything on the bar.

I googled and after few research i found it required xQuartz to be installed first. i downloaded the latest xquartz from The XQuartz project is an open-source X Window System that runs on OS X. Together with supporting libraries and applications.

I started xquartz it appeared on the dock and opened a little terminal window. Then I started This time it showed the message to wait a few minutes while it did whatever. Then the Editor appeared. This time Inkscape worked fine and i'm doing some good svg kind of stuff in it.....

More info : Inkscape , and yeh google.

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Eloi Pereira said...

Great tip. Thanks. I was stuck with this.

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