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ER Diagram for a College System

The ER diagram refined to have an 'is-a' relationship. The simple conceptual tables can now be designed in such case as:

STUDENT (st-id, dob)
FULL-TIMEPROG (p-code, duration)
PART-TIMEPROG (p-code, duration)
REGISTERS (p-code, st-id)

Please note that the design above is not complete; a complete design would require all types defined and constraints identified. All such information is made available by the detailed analysis document.Any how some points can be considered...

In an educational institute, there are several departments and students belong to one of them. Each department has a unique department number, a name, a location, phone number and is headed by a professor.
  •  Professors have a unique employee Id, name, phone number. We like to keep track of the following details 
  • regarding students: name, unique roll number, sex,phone number, date of birth, age and one or more email addresses. 
  •  Students have a local address consisting of the hostel name and the room number. They also have home address consisting of house number, street, city and PIN. It is assumed that all students reside in the hostels. 
  • A course taught in a semester of the year is called a section. There can be several sections of the same course in a semester; these are identified by the section number. Each section is taught by a different professor and has its own timings and a room to meet. 
  •  Students enroll for several sections in a semester. Each course has a name, number of credits and the department that offers it. A course may have other courses as prerequisites i.e, courses to be completed before it can be enrolled in. 
  •  Professors also undertake research projects. These are sponsored by funding agencies and have a specific start date, end date and amount of money given. More than one professor can be involved in a project. Also a professor may be simultaneously working on several projects. A project has a unique projectId. 
Entities -STUDENT
Here the very basic entity is student How you can describe it? Here is an idea..
please follow the link given below each entity to see the ER-Diagram of it.

Entities -Department and Course

Entities -Professor, Project and Sections

E/R Diagram showing relationships

ER Diagram of a University / college

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Shardul Singh said...

Any help / suggestions improving this topic, will be highly appreciated.. Sharing is caring.

Shardul Singh said...

Hi Ahmed, i can not understand your thoughts! sorry for delay it was very tough schedule.. Thanks for visiting.

Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

great tutorial, but you have not mentioned any er diagram software to draw entity relationship diagrams. I know of creately.It would me great if you can mention one that is platform independent and free to try.

Zaini Malik said...

Whats the mean of N in this question

Shardul Singh said...

m:n denotes a many-to-many relationship (eg : m objects on the other side related to n on the other) while 1:n refers to a one-to-many relationship (1 object on the other side related to n on the other).

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