Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Download ChromePlus ? It's CoolNovo Now

Looking for Chrome Plus? It's Coolnovo now..

Now it is Maple browser and called  CoolNovo  is a improved chrome kernel, multi-label, multi-window of the green browser. The rapid dual-core, the boss key, privacy protection, ad filtering more than 20 enhancements. It is completely free, no trojan, no virus, no adware plug-in, without any functional limitations, do not bundle any third-party software. Can be the perfect running the Windows 2000/XP/2003/vista/7 and Linux operating systems.

  • Maple browse specialized such as online banking website does not support chrome mode to add IE list so open these URLs will automatically switch to IE mode to open. Users can also add other sites according to their needs for IE list.
  • I Personally like this feature, Mouse gestures are generated when you press and hold the right mouse button to move the mouse track. Skilled in the Maple browser mouse gestures will save you a lot of time and bring you the efficient operation and use of fun. For example, through the left and right mouse gestures to achieve backward forward effect; under the left and right mouse gesture to close the current tab and activate the left and right labels.
  • Divided into drag and drop links, text, pictures, three: use the links on the left mouse button and drag the page and other location on the web page release, you can open this link in a new tab; If you drag a selected The text will use the default search engine in the block of text, and open in a new tab; If you drag a picture, you can open this picture in a new tab.
  • Maple browser a new function, a strong expansion capability for the browser, can be extended, Apps installed in the sidebar. More importantly, full support for Google the chrome of the extension mechanism. Simply modify extended manifest.json file can repackage an extension on the toolbar and install browser on the device side bar in Maple. With the sidebar application library is constantly rich, you will get richer sidebar application. Such as: games, search tools, shopping tools.
  • In order to download convenience, maple browser specifically on some of the popular download tools in the link context menu support. So far support the download tool Thunder, Express, QQ whirlwind, network ants, Orbit, the IS and so on. If you install the above download the tool, you can find the appropriate download link context menu tool. Thunder can be set to the default download tool.

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Information source : coolnovo

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