Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to enable code hinting or auto completion in notepad++

Notepad++ is my favorite open source tool for web development, day by day its improving and becoming better and better. It's been 6 years and i'm enjoying this tool.

In my opinion notepad++ is a must have tool for every programmer using windows.Notepad++ offers lots of handy features for the faster programming. One such feature is auto-completion of code, by default the auto completion is disabled. To enable Auto completion of code here we go:

Step 1 : Go to Settings and select preferences.

Step 2 : Select "Auto-comptetion" from left side preference list.

Step 3 : select “Enable auto-completion on each input”  & “function and word completion", and also enable  "Function parameters hint on input".

That's all, close preference dialog and you are now ready to go. Happy coding...

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