Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Notepad++ and CakePHP .ctp Syntax Hightlighting

Generally CakePHP file syntaxes are not recognized and highlighted by Notepad++. In reality Notepad++ is not able to identify the files of CakePhp which uses the syntax as PHP.
How to Enable Syntax Highlight for CakePHP :

Step 1 : Open notepad++ with Admin Right .

Step 2 : Goto ‘Settings’ Menu and choose ‘Style Configurator’.


Step 3 : Select ‘PHP’ as Language and add ‘ctp’ without quotes. For more i’m adding ‘thtml’ and ‘mod’ extension also.

Step 4 : press “save and close” and exit from settings. Close the editor and re-open again and here you go.

Note : if you are not seeing any syntax highlighting it means you have not closed existing .ctp files. So close .ctp file from notepad++ and open it again.

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