Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook google : Wanna chat in Hindi?

Here is a small script you can bookmark in your browser. After it Open facebook and then just clicking on the bookmark will enable you typing in Hindi... To disable typing in Hindi just click on bookmark again.

javascript:(t13nb=window.t13nb||function(l){var t=t13nb,d=document,o=d.body,c="createElement",a="appendChild",w="clientWidth",i=d[c]("span"),,x=o[a](d[c]("script"));if(o){if(!t.l){"t13ns";o[a](i).id="t13n";i.innerHTML="Loading transliteration";s.cssText="z-index:99;font-size:18px;background:#FFF1A8;top:0";s.position=d.all?"absolute":"fixed";s.left=((o[w]-i[w])/2)+"px";x.src=""+l}}else setTimeout(t,500)})('hi');

Ok , here i'm gonna tell you how to add a bookmark in Chrome and Firefox 4 in 3-4 easy steps.

Adding a Bookmark in Chrome :

1. Press Ctrl+D in chrome, click on "edit" button.
2. in Name field type anything like "chat in hindi"
3. in URL field paste Javascript code. Press "Ok".

Adding a Bookmark in Firefox 4 :

1. Make sure that Bookmark toolbar is enabled, if not goto view menu , toolbars and then select Bookmark toolbar.
2. Now bookmark toolbar will be added to firefox, Right click on bookmark toolbar, select "New Bookmark"
3. in Name field type anything like "chat in hindi"
4. in Location paste your javascript code and press Add button.

Bookmark can be found in your bookmark menu and bookmark toolbar. To enable disable type in Hindi just click on bookmark.



Kay Kay said...

Hi Web Guru, can u elaborate how to bookmark a javascript ?

Shardul Singh said...

Ok, for your information updating post. :)

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