Monday, October 24, 2011

Facebook tips: Secure Facebook

As per, Facebook is the world number 1 most popular social networking site, and its world wide ranking is 2nd after It stores our personal data like contact info, images etc. and now it is your open ID, So it becomes necessary to secure our accounts.

Facebook provides HTTPS secure browsing by default. If you use HTTPS browsing, all the data shared between your web browser and Facebook server will be in encrypted.

How to enable https in facebook: ( in simple 4 steps )

  • Sign in to Facebook account and select Account.
  • Select Account Settings option from menu.
  • Account  Settings page, click on Security (leftside options).
  • Click on Secure browsing (https) checkbox option and save it.

                                          ( Click on image to enlarge )
Now your Facebook account will use HTTPS secured connection. It is recommended by Facebook team, that if you frequently use your account on public computers, you must enable this feature, this may cause facebook work slight slow but secure..

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