Monday, May 7, 2012

CarePointz app for iPhone / iPad

Health5C  proud to announce our new app "CarePointz" for iPhone / iPad users.

Do you have a jet set lifestyle or are you a frequent traveler!? This application is for you. You never sure what you are searching in a new place? Carepointz, which can help you pinpoint your nearest medical/ health related facility based on your choice. Best thing of this app is that it discovers the current location of user and suggests the best nearby medical/health facility. Health5C is improving this app day by day and may be within two or three weeks you will get new features with new version.

The tool finds places either through your internet connection Wi-Fi (if present) or through your Mobile Service Provider. CarePointz provides 35 different criteria's for search. You can see your current location along with normal or satellite or hybrid map view. Search results are also available offline to ensure you do not miss your findings, in case, you experience any network issue.

You can:
1. Configure your search range
2. See the list of search results
3. See enriched view
4. Call the establishment with their Phone no
5. Browse their official site
6. Find your way to your selected establishments like Hospital, pharmacy etc.

"Carepointz care for you, because we care for all". 

Yes and its 100% free app for all. Suggestions / comments are always welcomed, please don't forget to review so that we can improve app day by day. 
itune Link : carepointz

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